Live Cinema Show, Schaubühne Berlin, 2019
Written by Virginia Woolf
Directed by Katie Mitchell
Live Cinematography: Andreas Hartmann, Nadja Krüger, Sebastian Pircher, Christin Wilke


A heroine who is born a hero; or a hero who becomes a heroine – does it even matter? In a production combining performance on stage with live video, Katie Mitchell explores Orlando’s queer journey through various centuries of the patriarchal history of humankind.


Paris (September 2019)
Madrid (May 2020)
Moskow (June 2020)

Professor Bernhardi

Theatre Play, Schaubühne Berlin, 2016
Written by Arthur Schnitzler
Directed by Thomas Ostermeier
Live Cinematography: Andreas Hartmann, Stefan Kessissoglou, Anastasiia Gavrilova


Specialist for internal medicine Bernhardi, the director of a prestigious private clinic, refuses to allow a priest into the room of a patient to whom the priest wants to give the last rites. For Bernhardi, who is of Jewish descent, this unfortunate incident quickly escalates into a political scandal which threatens to ruin his existence and that of the clinic.


Hamburg (Sep 2017)
Paris (Nov/Dec 2017)
Luxemburg (Jan 2018)
Lyon (May 2018)
Wiesbaden (May 2019)

The Forbidden Zone

Live Cinema Show, Schaubühne Berlin & Salzburger Festspiele, 2014
Written by Duncan Macmillan
Directed by Katie Mitchell
Live Cinematography: Andreas Hartmann, Stefan Kessissoglou, Sebastian Pircher


In 1915 Clara Immerwahr, chemist and the first woman awarded a PhD by Breslau University, rebels against the efforts of her husband – the famous chemist Fritz Haber – to make his research in chemistry available as the first weapons of mass destruction. Katie Mitchell places the story of a women – still largely ignored by historiography – at the centre of a stage work that combines live film images with a text collage by Duncan Macmillan.


Salzburg – Salzburger Festspiele (Jul 2014)
Amsterdam – Stadsschouwburg (Feb 2015)
Rennes – Théâtre National de Bretagne (Mar 2015)
Sarajevo – 55th international Theater Festival Mess (Oct 2015)
London – Barbican (Mai 2016)
Göteborg – Göteborg Dans- och Teaterfestival 2016 (Sep 2016)

A Sorrow Beyond Dreams

Live Cinema Show, Burgtheater Wien, 2014
Written by Peter Handke
Directed by Katie Mitchell
Live Cinematography: Andreas Hartmann, Sebastian Pircher, Stefan Kessissoglou


Austrian writer and dramatist Peter Handke set out to capture the essence of his mother’s life and chronicle the painful spiral that swept her into a darkness which would lead her to take her own life at the age of 51. Simultaneously Handke’s reminiscences are illustrated by a seamless film projected above the stage, while being created live on the stage by performers and camera operators that scurry industiously around the intricate stage floor setting up shots, performing actions, creating dislocated close-ups, taking down and moving cameras and rostra.


“An unsentimental, deeply sad declaration of love.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

“A Sorrow Beyond Dreams feels like it lingers inside you for a long, long time.” (Andrew Haydon)

The Yellow Wallpaper

Live Cinema Show, Schaubühne Berlin, 2013
Written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Directed by Katie Mitchell
Live Cinematography: Andreas Hartmann, Stefan Kessissoglou


A new mother travels from Berlin to the countryside with her baby, her husband and her nanny. Soon, the woman begins to see images in the wallpaper. British director Katie Mitchell reinterprets Gilman’s story as a study of post-natal depression, creating a live film work which speaks to our times.


Paris (September 2013)
Seoul (October 2014)

Miss Julie

Live Cinema Show, Schaubühne Berlin, 2010
After August Strindberg
Directed by Katie Mitchell and Leo Warner
Live Cinematography: Andreas Hartmann, Krzysztof Honowski, Stefan Kessissoglou


Katie Mitchell and Leo Warner re-imagine Strindberg’s classic text through the eyes of the cook, Kristin. As Julie and Jean’s pursuit of one another escalates, the production uses realtime film and live sound effects to track the events from his fiancée, Kristin’s perspective.


Paris (March 2012), Athen (June 2012), Stockholm (June 2012), Avignon (July 2012), Zagreb (September 2012), Moskau (December 2012), Paris (March 2013), London (April/May 2013), Rennes (November 2013), Reims (December 2013), Tianjin (April 2014), Beijing (April/May 2014), São Paulo (March 2015), Almada (July 2015), Taipei (April 2017), Bukarest (Oktober 2018)

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